Below is a collection of emails and video testimonials from clients we have worked with from around the world.

Kayam 16 yrs. old - Israel

    I started training with Kahea about 3 years ago. He gave me right away some basic tips about my surfing and my boards. Right away i felt a big change and i started getting better results in competitions. Since then i have attended many surf camps with him which is another game changer for my surfing and allowed me to experience surfing good waves on the North Shore of Oahu and in Tahiti.

Kahea also coached me during many contests which is great support. Teaching how to compete - is as important as surfing itself.

Anat Lelior 19 yrs old -Israel (2020 Olympic qualifier)

     It was my first training camp.

It was a very professional experience and I felt that I had improved my surfing.

Not only that, I enjoyed learning a different training culture and adopting it for my life. Kahea is an amazing coach and I strongly recommend learning from him because there is a lot to learn.

Nikita Avdeev 19 yrs. old - Russia 

      My Hawaii experience was amazing , defenetly on of the most amazing trip i ever have ! First it is a coaching , you work on land and in the ocean with a lot of control from coach , and he slowly pushing you to get better and better and all training go with so much fun , and progress going super fast ! Second you leaving in a house with other groms and you learning to do all by yourself , cooking, washing and cleaning , and you start to be a team and a real mates, specially with all diets and video analysis! and last one is that how much  time coach spend with you and help you if you wanna try some big wave surf , you feel his care and that rise your confidence . 

David Noy 19 yrs. old - Israel

      Last winter I have been training in the north shore of Hawaii with Kahea Hart.

I contact Kahea throught a friend that trained with him and recommended me to do the same.

After 2 months of training I realized how much I improved physically and mentaly, because of the discpline on trainings, the nutrition and the professional care for me and all the other surfers.

I had several coaches I have trained with, and the time in the north shore training with Kahea was by far the most challenging and improving experience I had as a surfer.