Private coaching sessions are 2.5 hours long.  Depending on the surfer's ability and what they wish to accomplish, session can include carveboarding, heat simulation, technique coaching, competition strategies and video analysis.

    In larger surf coach will take you out and guide you through the lineups of OAHU'S powerful surf. Ensuring you are safe and able to fully experience each spot to it's fullest.


Coaching one on one with Kahea has helped me improve on my weaknesses.

With no distractions, we break down the technique and repeat it till it becomes muscle memory. It's rewarding to see changes so quickly.

~ Dax Mcgill

$360.50 per session

$1200.00 (4 sessions prepaid)

                Group Coaching


Group coaching sessions focus on improving surf technique, body mecahnics, and competition strategies. Sessions run 3 hours long and start with dynamic stretching, a 20 minute work out and carveboarding to train surf muscle memory.  Then athletes surf heats that are videoed for analysis on large screen in the van.  Sessions are Tuesday through Saturday.  Tuesdays and Fridays are dedicated to advanced surfers age 10-18 years old.  Wednesday, Thurdays and Saturdays are for intermediate surf 9-16 years old.  Athletes have the option of training once or twice a week per month. When surf is on the larger scale Coach Kahea will be in the water as water safety and coach. Please make sure you have bigger boards for bigger waves. 

400 (1x wk monthly)

inquire for kanaka and kama'aina rates 

680 (2x wk monthly)

inquire for kanaka and kama'aina rates