Improve your High Performance Surfing as you are immersed in a week long camp with Hawaii's premier surf coach on the North Shore.  You'll stay, eat, sleep, train, and surf with the best!!!!  Available to competitive surfers of the , intermediate* and advanced levels (ages 9-18) Max 8 surfers(minimum 5)

Camp will include:

  • 2-3 surf sessions a day

  • Video sessions, video analysis 

  • Carveboarding 

  • Muscle balance training,

  • Foundation Training

  • Performance breathing Wim Hof method 

  • 3 Meals plus snacks 

  • Airport transfers,

  • Accomodations,

  • Guest Pros, and more.

These are not beginner camps.   All campers must be able to catch and ride waves with out assistance. As well as swim a 100m in the ocean.  Campers leave camp with usb drive(video/photos) and a written a surf synopsis.

*Intermediate surfers are able to create speed do cutbacks, rebound off white water and do snaps but are not consistant at completing these manuevers with control.

*Advanced surfers can do nearly all manuevers but need fine tuning , expierence and guidance in the lineups of the North Shore       SEE VIDEO GALLERY FOR  SAMPLES

2021 Camp Schedule

dates are subject to change until booked




Spring Break Camp 

March  12-21

8 spots

arrive noon the 12th depart pm the 19

$2185 + service charge

Spring Break Camp 1

March 12-17

arrive/depart A.M.


$1200 + service charge

Spring Break Camp 1

March 17-21

arrive A.M./depart P.M.


$1200 + service charge

Good Friday Camp

April 1-9

arrive A.M./depart P.M.


$1650 + service charge

Christmas Camp 1

Dec. 25 - Jan. 1


Christmas Camp 2

Jan. 1-Jan 7




Triple Crown Camps

Triple Crown Camps are ten nights long and include the coaching, training, meals and etc. of seven night camps, but campers will have day passes to watch the Triple Crown events from the WSL contestant's area. Meet the pros, take notes on heat strategies and watch surfing history unfold.  At this time of year all accomodations are full and it is priceless experience to be guided by local surf coach Kahea Hart. Campers have the choice to watch the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach or the Billabong Pipe Masters.  Reserve your spot today these camps will fill quickly.  Call for more info:

(808) 3867877

Hawaiian Pro
at Haleiwa
November 13-22
Vans World Cup
at Sunset
Nov. 24-Dec. 3
 Pipeline Masters
December 8-18
Tahiti Papara Pro. Jr.
Mid. March (2 weeks long)
The Full Tahiti Experience
Get the full Tahiti experience on a 2 week adventure with Coach Kahea Hart as he take you to the end of the road (Teahupoo) and Moorea to swim with sharks and rays. The first week is dedidcated to training at the contest venue early mornings and adventuring the islands and lagoons in the afternoons.
The second week is contest mode as campers compete in mens and womens Pro Jr and WSL QS events.  Max 4 boy and 4 Girls with private bungalows for boys and girls.

All inclusive $3400.00